Realities We've designed


Petsbroz is a global and  one of the reputable and devoted website that offers genuine services for your beloved pets. 

Top Events in Jamaica is a leading event management company that specializes in organizing cultural festivals, concerts, and sporting events across the island. 

FanFlicks empowers creators to curate and manage their OnlyFans-inspired content with a focus on digital well-being. They reached out to us to design a web app that addressed promoted productivity and digital well-being. We created a solution for them to establish a platform that fosters mindful content creation & combat the constant engagement loops.

They reached out to us to convert their existing data management system, currently housed in a single Excel worksheet and a PowerPoint presentation, into a dynamic web application. Their goal was to overcome the limitations of static spreadsheets and presentations. We designed a web app to implement a solution that addressed the challenges of limited data visualization and enhanced accessibility by transforming static data into interactive dashboards. The web app offer both Portuguese and English language options for a wider reach and user base.

Petsbroz Mobile App

Petsbroz is a mobile application designed to simplify the process of finding and adopting pets. Our user-friendly platform empowers both individuals seeking furry companions and those looking for loving homes for their existing pets.

Pindrop Travel  is a platform for agents and travelers to post and book trips. They sought our expertise to revamp their app. The current app limits both agent and traveler functionalities, hindering trip promotion and booking experiences. We propose a comprehensive redesign focused on aesthetics, functionality, and industry best practices to create a user-friendly platform that empowers agents and streamlines the booking process for travelers, ultimately driving user satisfaction and platform adoption.

Foxiio is a production management app that makes it easy and efficient for stage production companies to create call sheets, streamline their workflows, improve communication and collaboration, and save time. With Foxiio, production professionals can create and manage production schedules, call sheets, and cast and crew lists in one place. They can also communicate with each other and track progress in real time.

LOCKIT is an app designed to address the pervasive issue of digital distractions and promote productivity and digital well-being. The project was conceived with the vision of empowering individuals to regain control over their digital habits, particularly their use of social media apps.

Patch Pocket Mobile App

We designed Patch Pocket to be a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for managing and showcasing patch collections. Users can add information about their patches, such as when and where they were purchased. The app is available for download on all devices.